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Multi-Family Housing

Russian Hill in San Francisco is one of the world's most unique and desirable neighborhoods. The Hill has breath-taking views, much greenery, and immediate access to all the joys of the City.

This high density neighborhood has a few high-rises, but a 40-foot height limit is now the law. New housing development is difficult given the sensitivity to maintaining neighborhood character, the blocked views and light of neighbors, the steep topography, the arduous approval process, and the confined construction sites.

Kirk Miller Affiliates' experience with designing and managing projects in such a difficult environment make them well prepared to deliver multi-family housing projects to any site.

Their buildings include wood frame, concrete, and steel construction. As well as new construction, they have extensive experience renovating existing housing.

Macondray Terrace     Macondray Terrace
San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco
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San Francisco
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